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Upgrading an existing SMSLink installation

Table of contents

Server Upgrade Procedure

1./ Stop the running SMSLink deamons.

As root, you could do something like:

	# killall sms2mailgw
	# killall sms_serv

The first command is optional -- not all installations run the gateway module.

2./ Compile the new server code.

Please follow the guidelines provided in the regular server install procedure. Make sure to use the same PREFIX value (/usr/local by default) as was used for your existing installation.

3./ Install the program.

As root, type make install. This will overwrite the executables and the man pages from your existing installation. It will NOT overwrite any of your configuration files, nor will it impact your inbox and outbox repositories.

4./ Update your configuration files.

Carefully review the template configuration files provided with the server and determine whether your files need updating.

Typically, you will want to always install the latest version of the "driver" file (/etc/gsmcaps). In the unlikely event that you modified it locally, please re-apply your changes.

The other configuration files shouldn't change very often. The most likely scenario is that a new field would be added to one of them. When this happens, a warning in the CHANGELOG will always remind you of the issue.

5./ Upgrade your back-end database schema (optional).

If you're running the server module with MySQL support enabled, you will need to check whether the database schema has changed since the version you were using. Database schemas now have a version number, and any change will always be mentionned in the CHANGELOG.

When such a change occur, an SQL upgrade script will be provided on the Documentation page. Those scripts will only bring your database from one schema version to the next. When you need to take more then one step, either apply all scripts in sequence, or review the schema description for the latest server version provided on the same page and alter your database manually.

The server module, when MySQL access is enabled, will query the database schema version upon startup and exit when it doesn't match the expected value.

6./ Restart your server module(s).

Proceed as you usually do.

Client Upgrade Procedure

Simply follow the regular client install procedure and overwrite your current client installation with the result. The regular make install will do just that, provided you make sure to use the same PREFIX value (/usr/local by default).

PDU Tools Upgrade Procedure

Same as for the client. Just re-compile and re-install with the same PREFIX value.

Last Modified: September 29th, 2006.
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