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Description of the required hardware

This program relies on the use of specialized hardware, namely a serially connected GSM module. Here is a list of supported brand and models (in alphabetical order):

BrandModelDriverAs ofRemarks
Ericsson DI27 IR modem DI27 0.55b External plug-in IR interface for T10 & T18.
Ericsson F151s Business EF151S 0.50b-2 with FD10 Data Adaptor.
Supports PDU mode only.
Ericsson F251m EF251M 0.56b-3
Ericsson GM-12 / GM-22 GM12 0.54b No support for any flow control [3].
Supports PDU mode only.
Ericsson T65 T65 0.55b
Falcom A1 FA1 based on a Wavecom core
Falcom A2 FA2 NOT based on a Wavecom core
Falcom A2D [1] FA2D based on a Wavecom core
Falcom A2D3 FA2D3 0.55b
Falcom Twist FATW 0.55b
Motorola A008 / 6288 A008 0.56b Mobile / PDA combo.
Supports PDU-mode only.
Nokia No30 Connectivity Terminal NO30 0.56b
Option FirstFone GSM 900 PCcard PCFF900 0.51b Preliminary support.
PDU-mode sending problematic.
RMU Ultralite CX RMU 0.55b
Siemens M20 SM20
Siemens S25/S35 SS25 0.51b Supports PDU-mode only.
Siemens TC35 Terminal TC35T 0.55b
Wavecom Fastrack M1306B WMOD2B
Wavecom WMO1 WMO1 (now out of production)
Wavecom WMO2 / WMOD2 [2] WMO2 (also labelled "ATI P900" ?)
Wavecom WMOD2A WMOD2A Single-band model
Wavecom WMOD2B WMOD2B Dual-band model
Wavecom GenSM-2 GENSM2

1: From FALCOM, only the A1 and A2D are running an internal WAVECOM core, not the A2. This explains the difference in behaviour between the A2 and A2D that users reported. Thanks to David Martinez for pointing that out.
2: The name of the WMO2 has changed, it is now called WMOD2. A suffix is added to identify the single-band from the dual-band version. WMOD2A is the single-band, WMOD2B is the dual-band. Thanks to David Martinez for the info.
3: The Ericsson GM-12 / GM-22 have no support for any form of flow control (neither hardware -- the required wires are not there -- nor software). Andrew Worsley recommends to first use minicom to turn off both flow control mechanism in the tty driver, and then to leave minicom without resetting the modem, before starting sms_serv(1). For more details on this technique, please check the FAQ -- one of the questions (Q3.3) contains all the info I got from Andrew.

Since each of those devices has a slightly different behaviour, I had to include some form of driver in the server part of the program. Learn here how you can tweak it to fine-tune support for your hardware.

Where can you get those devices:

The FALCOM devices are produced by:

Funkanlagen Leipoldt OHG
Tel. +49 03677/8042-0

The physical specs of the module and the "User Manual / Command List" are available online.

The WAVECOM devices are produced by :

39 rue du Gouverneur Général Eboue
F-92442 Issy-Les-Moulineaux CEDEX
Tel : +33 (0)1 46 29 08 29
Fax : +33 (0)1 46 29 56 70
email :

and you can purchase them in France from :

Z.I. de St Lambert des Levées
BP 163 - 49414 SAUMUR CEDEX
Tel. : +33-2-
Fax : +33-2-
email :

Please note that the (previously referenced here) belgian company MD-CO N.V. doesn't sell these devices anymore, except when bundled with their own applications.

You can expect to pay around 250 EUR excl. VAT (roughly US$ 300) for it -- that's including the power supply module, the antenna and the various cables. Please note that I'm in no way affiliated to any of the companies mentionned above. The only reason for me to mention them here is to give a starting point to the reader who would consider buying one of those devices for himself.

Should anybody wish to use my program with other device brands or models, or simply be in a position to test any, please forward me the result of your experience and/or any information on the command set.

Last Modified: September 29th, 2006.
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