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Related Links

Should you wish to dig deeper into this matter, develop your own application or try other related applications, here are a few categorized links that I found usefull and that might help you getting started.

Did you notice any link to be broken ? Or do you know of any valuable resource that should be included here ? Please feel free to let me know about it.

SMSLink Companion Sites

  • SMS Link Add On'S: Full-featured, native Win32 client, Linux-based queue server for pre-0.55b installs and complete schematics of serial+power combo cable for handheld mobiles.
  • Riccardo Facchetti's Home Page: You'll find libmodem (and more) in the "download" section of his site.

GSM Generic Info

  • GSM Home: Intel-sponsored GSM site with lots of links.

SMS Generic Info

SMS Protocol Info

  • ETSI: ETSI Home Page. You can register and download some freely available protocol specs, GSM 03.40 being one of them.
  • SMS messages and the PDU format: a very detailed explanation of PDU message format and encoding. Good introduction to some key concepts, and in-depth discussion of each field. The best reference there is, outside ETSI itself.
  • SMS PDU Info: Field by field description of the PDU format, color-coded and with some accompanying comments.
  • SMS: Well presented definition of most basic concepts and terms related to GSM and SMS processing. Pointers to the reference mentionned above.
  • SendMyStuff by "@_: a more detailed description of PDU format, with code example.

SNPP Protocol Info

(SNPP = Simple Network Paging Protocol)

SMPP Protocol Info

(SMPP = Short Message Peer-to-Peer)

  • SMS Forum: established to foster and promote SMS to the benefit of the Wireless Industry, and to manage/enhance SMPP.

GSM Modules Tech Info

  • Falcom A1: Manual for FALCOM A1 as PDF - File, Version 2.77.
  • Falcom A2: Manual for FALCOM A2 as PDF - File.
  • Falcom A2D: Manual for FALCOM A2D as PDF - File (V1.06).
  • GenSM-2: Manual for Gener GenSM-2 (aka Wavecom WM02), firmware ver. 3.20 and above.
  • Siemens M1: Siemens M1 manual (PDF file).
  • AT+C commands: a comparison of all the at+c commands and their syntax supported on each of the major GSM modules.

Related Apps

  • SMS Server Tools: Full-featured SMS gateway, quite close to SMSLink in functionalities. Also uses GSM modems to send.
  • SMS Client: Angelo Masci's SMS sending software. Uses a plain modem and the provider's dial-up interface to SMS. Requires a provider-specific "driver". Also features an address book.
  • SMaSh: SMaSh is a program for sending messages to digital phones, pagers and other devices you can communicate with. Client / server architecture and dynamic plugin system. Currently features plugins for dialup access to various providers and for net access to web-based forms.
  • Alamin GSM SMS Gateway: gateway for exchanging messages between GSM and IP networks. Currently supports Nokia phones through Gnokii, and GSM modems allowing the sending of SMS in text mode.
  • Kannel: Open Source WAP and SMS gateway by Wapit Ltd.
  • SmsSend: allows you to send free SMS to any GSM, connecting to Internet sites using scripts. It is available both for Windows and Unix.
  • Pagey: Pagey is a paging/SMS daemon written entirely in Python. It accepts SNPP connections and supports multiple paging devices (currently Siemens M1and M20 SMS devices). It comes with a simple Email to SMS gateway.
  • Boomerang GSM: commercial but open-source development library for Delphi and Kylix. Enables sending and receiving SMS, EMS, SmartMessages, EMI, SMPP, Siemens SEO, etc. from graphical or command-line programs.
  • mail2sms: converts an email to a string susceptible of being sent via SMS. Doesn't deal with the sending itself.
  • email2sms: like the previous one, but written in Perl, and using a special Perl module to "compress" the text by removing spaces and unnecessary vowels. Crams as much meaning as possible in 160 chars, but rather hard to read.
  • SMS-mail: Sms-mail reads SMS messages from a GSM modem and passes them on as email. For those of you who pass email on to your mobile phone via your telco's mail-to-sms gateway, this completes the circuit, allowing you to reply to the email from the mobile phone too.
  • Gnokii: an attempt to reverse-engineer the serial protocol used to interface with Nokia mobile phones.
  • Spk: Speakerphone program for use with voice-enabled modems.
  • Minicom: the debugging tool for anything serial.
  • SLSNIF: serial line sniffer. Listens to the specified serial port and logs all data flowing through it.

Last Modified: September 29th, 2006.
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